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Collaborative Story Sharing Remaining Present

Collaborative Story

Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “sharing the story” and “remaining present” Insights 3 and 4 of 10 Collaborative Story while Remaining Present … their importance! Sharing the Collaborative Story Play out the conversation and share the story … animate your story through walking your talk and sharing the story. In doing so, the more it […]

Collaborative Rapport Decision Making

Collaborative conversations 1+2 of 10

Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “collaborative rapport” and “connecting decision makers and outsiders” Insights 1 and 2 of 10 Collaborative Rapport Create rapport with one, collaboration with many … determine the personal connections you require with individuals as with groups. Each relationship differs because of the hierarchy of values each person expresses about […]

Using Collaborative Conversations in the Well-Living Workplace

collaborative conversations

Using Collaborative Conversations To Create a Well-Living Workplace I have often been asked where I start conversations about the well-living workplace. That is, to create a place of work where people live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. My response: I use collaborative conversations to create a […]