Monthly Archives: May 2016

Legacy as Connection Currency 

connection currency

Connection Currency As you establish and sustain well-living relationships during #YourNextFifty, you have “Connection Currency.” With and through your various well-living relationships you mutually guide each other to be your best for the world. This connection currency is especially worthwhile as you create the well-living workplace with your staff, volunteers, and customers. Mentoring and Facilitating As you mentor them […]

Legacy Word for the World 

legacy word

Your Legacy Word for the World Once known you have a key to being you for the world.  Within you is a LEGACY WORD. It frames the essence of what you enjoy to learn/educate and learn/educate to enjoy. It illuminates key knowledge and skills that guide you from the future into the present. The associated Legacy Intentions […]

Managing Leading Actions

managing leading actions

Summary of Managing Leading Actions for the Well-Living Workplace The following 31+ statements highlight key actions useful for those who manage and lead a well-living workplace – a place of work where people live and work well together. The list is a composite of managing leading actions suggested by customers and clients over the past 30+ years. We continue to […]

Story Metaphor and Well-Living Workplace

story metaphor

 Use Story Metaphor for Managing and Leading the Well-Living Workplace Why … because the story metaphor provides a way to remember more than facts. About a story E M Forster said A fact = the queen died, the king died A story = the queen died, the king died of a broken heart Story-sharing via a story metaphor guides […]