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Next Fifty Marketplace

Next Fifty Marketplace legacy

The Next Fifty Marketplace is open for your contributions. Whether you are a mentor, facilitator, elder, business owner, entrepreneur, manager-leader, employee, grandparent, parent decide today to fully express your Life Leadership Legacy. In doing so you see, feel and experience freedom, fulfillment and fun. In the Next Fifty Marketplace you can … Move from living as an […]

Time Start Legacy Project with Grandchildren

Why Now Is a Great Time to Start a Legacy Project With Your Grandchild Grandparent-Grandchildren Relationship In this relationship between grandparents and grandchildren stories and challenges unfold that bring meaning to both. Sometimes the meaning is immediate, sometimes later, and certainly upon passing of one or the other. The grandparent-grandchildren link invites connection and caring. The […]

Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration

David Savage 10 Steps

Book Review for David Savage’s “Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration” In David Savage’s book Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible Within a Culture of Collaboration he covers both the concepts and practices of collaboration. For that reason alone he is applauded for offering a excellent overview of what it means to collaborate in the […]

Mission and Values, and Vision

Mission Vision Values

Organization(al) Mission and Values, and Vision, Goals and Objectives … One of the frequent conversations I have with managers and leaders focuses on the use of the organization(al) terms mission  and values, and vision, goals and objectives. It seems – even after all these years with the training, instructing, coaching and instructing – there is still confusion about what […]

The Giving Tree Tribute

Giving Tree Tribute

The Giving Tree: A story about a tree that highlights giving … truly it’s a Tree Legacy Story Shel Silverstein wrote The Giving Tree (1964). Great book for grandparents and grandchildren … worth a read and a listen.  Amazon: A reading of the Giving Tree via You Tube: Read an interpretation of The Giving […]

Leading from the Strategic Why to Create the Well-Living Workplace

leading strategically 1

Leading, Strategic Why, and Creating the Well-Living Workplace The world’s three great mysteries: Crop circles Bermuda triangle Leading from the strategic why You, everybody leads! However, most people possibly including you would not liken aspects of what you do each day as leading. Therefore, coming to know what it means to lead from the strategic why […]

Video Article 1: Workplace Issues and Organization of Work

Workplace Issues Organization of Work

5 Workplace Issues, Their Associated Questions Helpful in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Clarity)   WELLth Movement Educate 55-75 year young executives, employees and entrepreneurs who are grandparents _in the use of ecological literacy concepts and practices __to co-create the well-living world by ___creating well-living workplaces with the involvement of their staff, volunteers and/or customers, and ___living their great lives with the involvement of their […]

Workplace Issues as Questions to Create the Well-Living Workplace

Workplace Issues CWLWP roots skyward

5 Workplace Issues, Their Associated Questions Helpful in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Clarity) Workplace issues are a matter of confusion or conflict, frustration or upset, appreciation or gratitude, celebration or expansion – you put forward in the form of questions. Why in the form of questions?  To diffuse the attendant emotion! Identifying workplace issues (asking questions) within […]