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21 Life Legacy Lessons from the Alchemist

In celebration of Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, I wrote these 21 life legacy insights for your consideration. Luck and coincidence are essential elements of a universal language that envelopes all human languages … allow yourself to experience it. There is a language of inspiration, gratefulness and enthusiasm, guided by love and purpose. Transition because of […]

Next Fifty, Legacy, Events in November and December 2015

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Other Visionaries Involved with WELLth Movement Also Guide YOU Through Your Next Fifty Their Guidance Supports You in Living FROM Your Life Legacy … Here Are Their November and December 2015 Events! As the WELLth Movement grows, more and more WELLth Educators will bring their products, services and experiences to you. They are practitioners knowledgeable in […]

Life Legacy, Leadership Legacy, Question

Life Legacy

Start Somewhere! When IT Comes to Your Life Legacy and Leadership Legacy  You’ve heard the chicken and egg question many times, in many settings. So in one way, it makes sense to you. The paradox it suggests is timely and relevant, no matter where it’s spoken. In this casein’s about life legacy and leadership legacy. The question is: […]

November Reflections Next Fifty

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Next Fifty Decisions and November Reflections I made a decision early on … I was going to enjoy my Next Fifty. Whereas time is so important in our Next Fifty … I’m mindful of where I am and what I’m doing to loverage time. Where I live -today- from a time perspective – we fall back in […]

37 Value Reflections Linked with Leadership Legacy

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Values are expressed in what you do and say. They influence how you think and decide.   They are heartfelt answers to why, with whom and how questions related to your leadership legacy. They are especially important for living your great life, creating the well-living workplace and co-creating the well-living world. Each day you get […]