Wellth Wealth Movement Extraordinary Experiences

Design and actualize your wellth [wealth] movement, because it's important you fully express your life legacy through mentoring and workplace experiences for both wellth creation and wealth creation.

You are an Entrepreneur (with employees) making decisions about #YourNextFifty life.

You see the next fifty years ahead and you desire to make a difference for you and others.

wellth wealth movement

  You want to live a life filled with extraordinary experiences like facilitative mentoring and workplace freedom. 

wellth wealth movement

You want to share your legacy contributions with your grandchildren, family and friends, work colleagues, your communities and/or the world. 

More so, you seek to Get Clear - Get Perspective - Get Support in making it happen now ... rather than later.  

Introducing the Wellth [Wealth] Movement (WWM)

The WWM has three major foci:

  1. Mentoring and the Workplace 
  2. Legacy Project and Contributions
  3. Life and Extraordinary Experiences 

Mentoring and Workplace … acknowledges your current and future organization of work as an executive, entrepreneur and/or educator. Your desire to give back through mentoring applies to your current workplace and/or another workplace including charitable organizations and with youth. The key aspect of this focus is to share your knowledge and skills in ways that involve and evolve your mentees. Mentoring can become a lifetime pursuit! 

Legacy Project and Contributions … advances your desire to give back through philanthropic and/or voluntary contributions. You can co-create a MMV Project for the betterment of others including family and friends, workplace, community and the world. The key aspect of this focus is to gift others something they can appreciate and use. Legacy is in you to share!

Life and Extraordinary Experiences … amplifies your extraordinary life through the freedom, fun and fulfilment experiences you decide to realize each and every day. Those decisions can be for you alone and/or they can involve others. The key aspect of this focus is to dynamically balance your wellth and wealth requirements. You action the life you desire to live!

The Wellth [Wealth] Movement as an Extraordinary Experience

When you participate in the Wellth [Wealth] Movement your life and legacy whispers become a reality. Through your actions, you’ll see the smiles on the faces you help. What better way to serve others than to create something they can use to better their lives. And it’s from only you that they can fulfill their needs or wants. Your contributions - whether monetary, voluntary and/or a project - are about “being YOU for the world!” It’s easy to be you in the world. You’re already living so. To live for the world! To live for your community! To live for your family and friends is an caring approach to sharing your wisdom and laughter.

So listen to the whisper, tune into that tickle, those nudges that return over and over again hinting at something more is required to fully express your life and leadership legacy with family and friends, colleagues and within your community.
The time is now – not when the ducks are in a row – because as soon as they are … they are not.
Get moving in the direction that shares your purpose, power and process.
Escape the perfection snare, the rejection hole, the complacency chair, the doubt mirror, the ignorance trap – or any other limiting belief you’ve placed between you and fully expressing yourself.
Instead collaborate from community, communicate from commitment, and contribute from confidence.
See, feel and experience Living Your Extraordinary Experiences Life.

Are you listening to the whisper?

Deep down from within you’re called to fully express your Next Fifty by sharing your "contributions" with others. However, the path forward appears cloudy. The process you think is complex. Maybe you attempted to deliver something before and it didn’t go so well.

And yet, aside from the perceived obstacles your inner whisper is persistent. It keeps whispering "make it happen. It’s time!" So now you’re looking to get clear, perspective, and support. You need assistance to:

  1. frame your Contribution others can see, feel and experience,
  2. learn what it takes to develop it,
  3. decide where and when to share it,
  4. action all steps to deliver it,
  5. celebrate the outcomes,
  6. wash, rinse and recreate,
  7. create new Contributions or expand existing Contributions

Your Involvement ...

We are here to give you the assistance ... you meet Dr Stephen Hobbs your guide on the ride along other enthusiastic WELLthers (those who educate and support the WWM) 

At its core the Wellth [Wealth] Movement (WWM) is a way for you to recreate your Next Fifty. As you gain insight into your preferred wellthy-wealthy lifestyle in your words, on your terms. What you learn contributes to developing and delivering win-grow situations for you, those with whom you interact, and those you touch as you share your mentoring and WWM Contributions.

AND ...
Your grandchildren, your family and friends, your workplace, your community and/or the world benefit from your gifts. And whatever you contribute adds another artefact to your legacy portfolio (a write/visual record of your lived experiences from which others can learn something) from which you can develop projects like writing a book, offering a workshop, mentoring and so, so much more. 

As you participate with others along a similar journey you get clear, perspective and support as you cry and dance as the mood strikes your fancy. Draw from the wisdom of the group. Use their strengths and reciprocate. Contribute through co-creation like working with a local charity to plant trees in Africa, advance health literacy in impoverished villages, and so, so much more.

Alternatively, you can quietly participate by yourself completing modular online or offline resources to ease yourself into the level of involvement necessary to organize and realize your contributions. Work at your pace with friendly nudges from your facilitators, coaches, and mentors.

And ... maybe you would like to become a WELLther and share what you know and can do with WWM participants. We WELLcome those conversations.

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Intention attention

Get Clear. 

Get Perspective. 

Get Support.

Yours for the wellth of it,


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