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Stephen Hobbs, EdD
Founder WELLth Movement

WELLth Movement Explained 

WELLth Movement is made up of two primary outcomes: WELLth & Movement

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Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace

WELLth is about well-being for the person and well-living for persons (people, organizations).

Well-being highlights the dynamic balance of living your extraordinary life in four areas = health, work, voluntarism, and leisure. And well-being is an essential aspect when working in a well-living workplace.

Well-Living highlights the dynamic interactions a person has with others in various aspect of their lives with particular reference to creating the well-living workplace and co-creating the well-living world.  

* The term WELLth may appear ​as wellth and wellthy in this website and in all documents. 

Movement is about this truism: People live and work on moving ground. Atomically - Physically - Mentally- Cosmically, each person is moving.  

The degrees to which you move is your decision. Your wellthy (and wealthy) decision! 

Unfortunately, people live as though they are standing still because of challenges, roadblocks, mudslides, limiting beliefs, baggage, etc. they've created. 

And therefore, we believe something must be done to guide people to a life filled with freedom, fun, and fulfilment - to a life of informed movement.  

And therefore, the WELLth Movement was borne.

Drawing from 40+ years of reporting, research, and results we're sustaining a movement to advance and amplify wellth (and wealth) creation as the rule rather than the exception for every person.

Wellthers (employees, volunteers, strategic alliances) guide "Shapers & Movers" to make their movements and deliver extraordinary experiences as WE act sensibly to create well-living workplaces.   

This website, our contributions highlight our caring and serve as a way for all of us to collaborate with ease and elegance in eco-creating the well-living world.

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Making a Movement

Create the Message.

Map the Way Forward.
Invite People to Join You.
Collaborate in Moving Forward. 
Leverage Your Learning and Actions.
Celebrate the Journey.
Wash, Rinse. Repeat. 

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We get you On your way
rather than you get In your way

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At the heart of our work is
The Five Stages of WELLth Movement to
ReCreate Your Reality:

Get Clear
Get Perspective
Get Support
Get Results
Get Movement

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