Mentoring Well Shared

When you decide to mentor, you share your lived experience. Your experiences are borne of the enthusiasm you bring to each day, the work you share with others, the leisure activities you join with family and friends, and the volunteer and philanthropic efforts you support. It’s about sharing your legacy contributions via legacy projects, as gifts so others can benefit from your actions … Today is the Day, Join Us!

Your Lived Experience as an Entrepreneur involves the integration of your personal/professional development with your organization of work approach as you help customers and employees help you manage & lead, facilitate & mentor, and instruct & coach .. .

No matter the size, the location, the industry of your business ... how you manage and lead your customers and employees highlights the success of your business. When and where you deliver extraordinary employee and customer experiences ... you sustain employees and customers' involvement through their evolvement. 

Without employees and customers heartfelt involvement, the business does not reach its full potential. That is, to serve the greater good of the community while demonstrating what it means to be extraordinary.

To do less, the soul of the company diminishes. And when this happens, there is a loss for all. 

To avoid loss, we recommend you use the EX2 Method to co-create a place of work where customers & employees live and work well together as they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. 

Use mentoring extraordinary experiences

change challenge managing customer experience

To ensure you manage and lead a well-living workplace you have to first value and participate in your personal and professional development. Your business improves and expands in relation to your learning, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. And your decisions are linked to the extraordinary experiences you create and realize for self and with others.

business team

Serving as an entrepreneur you are an EDUCATOR -  facilitator, mentor, instructor, coach, and so much more ... and if that is not your experience - then let's connect, and revise your story, your approach. 

unsure - unclear about your workplace story/growth ...

Learn about the 10 characteristics of the Well-Living Workplace,
the use of Direct Response Managing and Leading,
the complementarity of Workplace Culture and Climate
and especially your use of Facilitative Mentoring
to deliver extraordinary experiences in the words of your employees and customers.
Also, you get clear about your life and get support to fully express your legacy.

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Facilitative Mentoring Described/Explained 

Facilitative Mentoring involves concentrating your time and effort on the creation of Extraordinary Experiences with an employee(s) and customer(s) through the use of facilitating and mentoring.

It's a way for you to "Help Them Help You Manage-Lead." 

use mentoringIn doing so, You Experience Employees and Customers Moving Forward in ways that are beyond memorable and remarkable. 

When applied correctly, facilitate mentoring improves, focuses and strengthens employee relationships, employee experiences (EX). Facilitative mentoring is the better approach to involve them in their words, on their terms to ensure they fulfill their assigned accountabilities and responsibilities. 

creative thinkingWhen applied to customer relationships , customer experiences (CX) facilitative mentoring offers the customer an opportunity to quiet there busy mind. You offer the space for them to get what they want in their words, on their terms. You ease them into the purchase and emphasize the support they’ll receive.

And for you … facilitative mentoring gets you real about your contributions, about what’s happening, and what’s likely happening as you share the organization of work with your employees and customers. 

Facilitative Mentoring allows you to see the trees and the forest.

manage leadFacilitative Mentoring works best when you match your lived experience (know-how and know-why) with the requests and requirements of your employees and customers.  In doing so, you draw out employee and customer needs and wants according to their hierarchy of values.

When you answer their questions, they move forward in ways they feel they did it themselves. You manage the situation whereby they find the answers as you guide them individually to get clear and get perspective through the support you offer.  

Therefore, at its core … to use facilitative mentoring … 

  1. remain aware and up-to-date with the tools and techniques your employees and customers need during your interactions 
  2. demonstrate patience, flexibility and discretion as you engage quickly, guide immediately, and leave painlessly.

A Great Way to Learn More about Using Facilitative Mentoring is to 

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I have come to know and appreciate Dr. Stephen Hobbs through a few projects related to customer service excellence and acquisition integration. In both these areas the key elements are culture and strategy, and that begins with self-discovery and assessment.

Stephen’s work involves introducing a picture of the current reality of the group that brings forward a healthy and deep realization of their imagined future. The information brought forward is formed by group(s) using only their words. Stephen has a unique way of engaging people in this manner that quickly allows them to open up with an immediate trust.

As with any valuable initiative, there needs to be a framework in order to remain on track and be effective, along with a solid base to work from. Stephen is a master at setting up that foundation from the group’s current reality and instilling a framework through a set of easily learned stages. Groups align their ideas and statements they have brought forward to a desired set of decision indicators. From here, major goal setting can begin through a simple turn-over of those statements. Once prioritized, a story begins to emerge that shows, not only the desired state of the future, but an identifiable and actionable path to get there via competency verification; all strategically aligned.

An ever-important part of any initiative towards cultural transition is being able to measure and relate. Stephen provides the tools along with a great forum where people can immediately look to either opposing or complimentary forces to determine where an issue requires attention, without getting mired in unnecessary or distantly related details. The people can get to the heart of the matter faster and on point and apply whatever operational changes are required.

Through Stephen’s “ facilitative mentoring” he guides those involved to align and further engage throughout the entire organization resulting in enhanced operational effectiveness. As a result there is a shift in mindset, a renewed level of drive, and a collaborative and organized approach to realizing the vision/mission.

Although Dr. Hobbs’ work has a very scientific edge in its proof, he is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork. I would recommend getting excited over the belief that there are immense possibilities for your group and that Stephen can help you stitch them into your future reality.

Jack Riley 
Operations Manager - Cervus Equipment
Intention attention

Get Clear. 

Get Perspective. 

Get Support.

Yours for the wellth of it,


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