Legacy Well Gifted

When you gift your legacy story and project(s) your efforts support your family and friends, the community, and the world. The ripple of your gifting touches many - some you'll not meet. However, your gifts will shift their lives. Also, legacy contributions can take the form of facilitating, mentoring, and coaching at work, in the community, your professional association, etc. Ready to fully express your legacy, then Today is the Day, Join Us!

Through your efforts as an Entrepreneur you can organize memorable and remarkable experiences.

More so, you can manage and lead extraordinary experiences. And when you do so, you fully express your legacy contributions and legacy projects.

No matter your age, Legacy is in You to Share!  

Your Legacy Contributions and Legacy Projects highlight your commitments to live a life of freedom, fun, and fulfillment while in service with others. 

There is much to see and do with your family & friends - community - your country - around the world. There are no shortage of ways to assist others directly and indirectly ... via your legacy contributions.

You're materializing your dreams vocationally. You're working as an entrepreneur. Now it's important to guide others to express and realize their dreams ... via your legacy projects.

In your pursuit of gifting ... keep your commitments. Encourage collaborative conversations. In doing so you learn & action more about your life. Just as those who interact with you can learn something from you and you from them ... via your legacy story & mentoring.  

Being you for the world is your living biography - a story worth sharing. That is, Legacy is in you to share. Legacy is for giving!

Life Legacy Loverage
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Life is full of experiences borne of
"When you listen you learn,
When you share you educate."

unsure - unclear about your legacy direction/story, and contributions & projects ...

then visit the Event pages in the navigation bar to attend a workshop, sign up for a course and/or go to a retreat. Read the blog - search the articles for "legacy." And below is a definition of legacy with brief introduction to the four branches of legacy (with links).

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Legacy Defined ... Contributions & Projects

Legacy is the useful whats (time, effort and money) you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. 

Ways you contribute include

  • financial philanthropy (money) 
  • corporate/personal volunteering (time & effort)
  • legacy projects (time, effort, & money)

There are four branches of legacy to weave together:

  • Life - about standard of living and quality of life decisions you make 
  • Leadership - about the way you step up and engage/inspire others
  • Legal - about your will & trusts, and business documents 
  • Literacy - about your hierarchy of values and their influence on your be-have-do actions

An example ... Write to Shade is the Legacy Contribution/Project of WELLth Movement.
The project focus is funding children and trees programs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and internationally.  Click to learn more.  

Intention attention

Get Clear. 

Get Perspective. 

Get Support.

Yours for the wellth of it,


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