Use the extraordinary experiences approach to lead your employee engagement management program. Encourage. Engage. Energize.

Explaining "Discovery 360 & 720" for Managers

How to Map, Manage, and Measure Your Employee Engagement Program Using an "Extraordinary Experiences Approach"

Gift Yourself a "Discovery Package" to develop and deliver extraordinary experiences for employees (and customers) in their words on your terms. 

When you listen you learn; when you share you educate.

Introducing 3 Employee Engagement Issues 

Overview of the Discovery 360 and 720 Packages

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Through December 15th Special -
to start delivery in January 2018

Select the December 15th pricing and receive an extra hour on the Discovery 360 package and two hours on the Discovery 720 package. More information below.

Discovery 360

Employee Engagement
Management Conversations 

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Gift yourself 360 minutes - 6 hours to explore and discover ways to manage and lead your employee engagement using an Extraordinary Experiences approach.

The books listed below serve as resource material. For Discovery 360 you choose two of the books to check out (delivered in pdf).  

Discovery 720
Employee Engagement
Management Conversations

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Gift yourself 720 minutes - 12 hours to explore and discover ways to manage and lead your employee engagement/customer engagement using an Extraordinary Experiences approach.

The books listed below serve as resource material. For Discovery 720 you choose four of the books to check out (delivered in pdf).

Less $100 + Added One Hour = Discover 420

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Offer available till December 15th, 2017
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Less $200 + Added Two Hours = Discovery 840

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Unbounded dimensions - organization of work
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Alternatively, we can organize a group workshop in place of the 1to1 conversation for the same investment.
Grab a FREE 29_Minute Discovery Strategy call to talk about possibilities - click the button to the right: 

About the Package

Each Discovery Package includes time to identify and agree upon the Actions and Outcomes we will accomplish together and schedule our itinerary for the upcoming months.
Also, we'll cover the Extraordinary Experiences approach you can use to manage and lead your employee engagement with you, among themselves, and your customers.
And so much more.

Together we figure out the best path forward ... we can meet in-person (I'm in Calgary, AB, Canada) or online via Zoom, alternatively Skype


we'll figure out the times to meet - using 1 hour blocks. 

Formative evaluation included to ensure you are tracking okay!

Quick Question & Answer calls and reasonable emailing included.

You automatically receive this book when you sign up for this package ... 

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Suggested Action Outcomes 


  • define the terms employee engagement, managing, leading, manager, and leader (customer experience)
  • define extraordinary experiences (EX2)
  • review 10 EX2 concepts & practices with examples 
  • list the agreed upon action_outcomes for our time together 
  • measure accomplishment of the action_outcomes as we move forward
  • develop your near future action_outcome plan with employees on your terms
  • manage your employee engagement program with transparency and justification

Your Learning:

  • review the concepts and practices outlined in the resource books
  • discuss examples of what's hindering and helping you manage and lead employees and/or customers 
  • map action_outcomes to manage and lead employees and/or customers 
  • effect achievement of your action_outcomes
  • measure achievement of your action_outcomes
  • take concepts and move them into practice with mentoring support

My Educating:

  • provide facilitative mentoring
  • deliver resources listed here 
  • deliver resources to supplement your learning from our conversations 
  • engage in dialogue that moves you from comprehending concepts to demonstrating practices 

Your Facilitative Mentor:

Dr. Stephen Hobbs invites Shapers & Movers to deliver extraordinary employee/customer experiences using a Make a Movement approach. He is a facilitative mentor for his Whole Person-Whole System tools and techniques by which you gain efficiencies, reduce costs, increase sales, and challenge value.

Also, he’s a masterful experience-based educator, phenomenal thought-note speaker, author of 12 self-published books (and counting), and philanthropist for children and trees. 


Stephen’s program and thinking was the catalyst to the exceptional success we have today. Leading us on a journey, Stephen’s process created a safe environment for the newly acquired team and the Cervus team to discuss the current realities of the culture, the business and the obstacles to reaching the Cervus of Tomorrow Vision. On the Journey we were able to create a set of celebrated mutual cultural attributes, a plan to enhance current successes and improve on the current business challenges. This work resulted in the development of our mutually agreed Five Year Strategy.

In each of the acquisitions where Stephen's TRIPIS program was used we have seen the integration time line significantly reduced along with cultural alignment and financial performance well beyond our expectations. 

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Stephen Hobbs as a partner in any Cultural & Strategy work. His effectiveness, thinking, facilitation skills and integrity are exceptional.

John Higgins

Dr. Stephen Hobbs has helped me to articulate my business vision in much greater detail than I was able to initially explain. His attention to the meaning behind words is profound, as he is able to create a deep richness through making subtle changes to words and sentence structure.

This richness added depth and value to my existing content. Steve told me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear, in a supportive & encouraging way.

Steve taught me how to build a stronger foundation for my course platform, to deeply enrich the quality of the content provided, along with a tangible strategy for how to execute an implementation plan using a mentoring approach. 

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to increase the value of their existing course content or for anyone starting out and needing a solid structure to base their material on.

Shawna Curry

If you've been stuck and don't know why contact Stephen Hobbs asap for your blueprint to success. I've been working with Stephen for a few months now and I never knew I could be challenged like this. He's like a holistic business therapist, truly getting you from A to B in such a modern and sophisticated way!

Rina Chong

Refund Approach:

If you believe we've not delivered on our promises - as indicated by the category or selection of action outcomes you identify as incomplete - ask for a refund.
At the core of this statement is our mutual commitment to fair exchange. 

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