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creating well-living workplace

Explore & Discover the 10 Thinking & Feeling Characteristics of the Well-Living Workplace YOU Can Action Today

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The well-living workplace is not a destination you arrive at and say “We made it!” Instead it’s a pathway you follow to create a place of work where people enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.

And in doing so, they ethically draw resources from and give back significant, worthy and useful products, services and experiences to their community.

There is no “ONE” way to create the well-living workplace. Instead there is “YOUR” way in the words of those involved on their terms.

Stephen Hobbs, EdD Course Creator

21 Modules & Videos for Creating Well-Living Workplace

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Organization Work

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Setting YOU Up for Win-Grow

Module 1: Video 1: Overview and Framework … create an organization of work framework + suggested examples

Module 2: Video 2: Well-Living Workplace … describe and explain the well-living workplace framework and approach

Module 3: Video 3: Imagined Future … identify (write) your mission, vision and values as an expression of your Imagined Future

Module 4: Video 4: Story-Telling and Story-Sharing … use story-telling and story-sharing to inform and engage those involved

10 Characteristics of the Well-Living Workplace

Module 5: Video 5: Lead from Vision … express your inspiring vision for others to follow as they guide each other along the well-living workplace path

Module 6: Video 6: Listening-based management … listen how to advance and sustain engagement through inspiration (recognition) and motivation (reward)

Module 7: Video 7: Network-based structure … recognize you manage and lead in an organizational structure called a network that has no center

Module 8: Video 8: People bring their uniqueness to their work … share agreement to create safe and original interactions through being you for the workplace

Module 9: Video 9: Balance between people, producing & profit … celebrate the people with whom you work as you perform and produce the outcome of profit

Module 10: Video 10: Ethical and supportive behaviour … demonstrate use of workplace values to support the life purpose of each person involved

Module 11: Video 11: Culture of lifelong learning … leverage your formal, informal, and incidental lifelong learning approach for the benefit of everyone

Module 12: Video 12: Contribution to society … give back to the communities from which you draw your resources and employees

Module 13: Video 13: Balance among risk, fun & creativity … complete tasks with awareness of risk involved and the fun necessary to lighten the creative process

Module 14: Video 14: People work in service for others … commit to being you for the organization through managing and leading involvement of everyone inside and outside the workplace

Strengthening the Foundation YOU Have Established

Module 15: Video 15: When You “Listen” You Learn … appreciate the importance of listening to action the 10 characteristics

Module 16: Video 16: When You Listen You “Learn… appreciate the importance of learning to fill the gaps of knowledge and skills to action the 10 characteristics

Module 17: Video 17: When You “Share” You Educate … appreciate what it means to share what you learn and know with the assistance of others

Module 18: Video 18: When You Share You “Educate … appreciate what it means to educate others through mentoring, coaching, facilitating and instructing

Module 19: Video 19: Mentoring and Coaching … explore the concepts and practices of mentoring and coaching to lead persons’ involvement in actualizing the Imagined Future

Module 20: Video 20: Facilitating and Instructing … explore the concepts and practices of facilitating and instructing to manage peoples’ involvement in realizing the Plan of Action

In Closing

Module 21: Video 21: So What? Now What? What Else? … outline possibilities to learn and action to sustain the well-living workplace

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