Book Testimonials

Book Testimonials

book testimonialsHelp Them Help YOU Manage-Lead

Overview:  Foundational to your managing-leading are 9 educating approaches. By learning and applying them in their appropriate combinations for the situations at hand, you create opportunities to make work easier and more fun, help people be happier and healthier, create a better atmosphere with safer conditions to fully engage, and guide people to be more effective in their contributions.

Shane Duperon book testimonials

If managing as a leader is your game, this book is a must read. Just like all great leaders, Stephen Hobbs doesn’t tell you what to do or not to do. Instead, he models exquisite leadership skills through this comprehensive guidebook that should be required reading. Using fabulous metaphors and real life leadership problems to overcome, Stephen expertly leads the way to a new realm of leadership possibility.

Dr. Shawne Duperon
Six-time EMMY® winner, ShawneTV

Book TestimonialsAs a fellow colleague and avid admirer of “Hobbit’s” work, I highly recommend this book for consultants and facilitators in the Organizational Development space as a crucial “handbook” of new thought, new approaches and best practices. Step into Stephen’s mind, for even a second, and see the world of infinite possibilities, as he “plays with words, thoughts, practices and provocative stories” to challenge traditional approaches and methods we use with clients. It is wonderful to finally see all the stories and examples he uses when we’ve co-educated finally transposed onto paper. This book is as large as Steven’s heart and only a morsel of what he has yet to write and share with the world!

Laurie Maslak, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant with Maslak & Associates Inc.

Book TestimonialsIt’s true! Manager-leaders are positioned to situationally educate their staff. It was true for me when I managed and led in an oil and gas company, and a government agency. I experienced how my influence grew as I properly educated myself and my staff. Dr Stephen Hobbs’ book hits the mark! His simple and concise approach of the 9 educating approaches, whatever the type or size organization, provide a catalyst to help new manager-leaders grow their influence. It will help established manager-leaders to improve their practice and leap-frog them ahead in engaging their staff, improving performance, support succession planning and further personal development. This is simply a MUST BUY book!

Teresa de Grosbois
3X Bestselling author
Chair Evolutionary Business Council

Book TestimonialsBook TestimonialsIn his latest book, Help Them Help YOU to Manage-Lead, Stephen Hobbs has done a masterful job in summarizing his 40 years of experience as a leading edge educator into nine practical educational approaches that will help managers lead and leaders manage more effectively. A must read for aspiring managers and leaders who are looking for tools that, if applied, would help them go from good to to better than great!

Richard & Lillas Marie Hawala
Co-authors of Integrative Leadership: Building a Foundation for Personal,
Professional and Organizational Success
Co-Founders of ‘Integrative Leadership International Ltd.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your book on discovering the 9 educating approaches helpful for managing and leading others. I enjoyed reading the book (actually twice to get the full essence) and wish it had been available earlier in my career. I would have been much more effective in my educating approach.

The wonderful thing about the reading experience was that I knew the methods in general through other learning I have had, but it was never presented in a concise and organized manner as presented in this book. I also found the terminology that you used in Chapters 5 to 7 to describe the nine approaches to be a lot more correlated to the concepts presented and, because of that, easier to remember when I encounter a situational leading/managing challenge.

The distinction between commitment and estimate presented in Chapter 8 actually took me by surprise. I now know why in the past I was disappointed in my ability to get some of the team members to deliver on the ‘promises’ they made. Obviously, they were giving me their ‘promise of an estimate’ which I mistook for ‘commitment’. Well things are going to be different going forward – there will no doubt be clarity in expectations. The 7 major commitments cited in Chapter 8 will no doubt provide an excellent reminder to me on a daily basis. (I plan to put it them up on my desktop opening page until they are ingrained in my mind.)

As I mentioned to you in our conversation, I am in the phase of my career where I need to generate continuity of knowledge that would be essential to the emerging young leaders in my organization. This knowledge is gained from experience in the subject matter field such as regulatory reforms in transportation industry. There are no textbooks around that can be accessed by the young leaders to educate themselves. So at least for me, this book has arrived just intime. Connecting the leading and managing with the 9 approaches to educating is going to be a very productive process.

I learned about action mapping the first time at the leadership course you taught. Chapter 11 solidified the concepts for me, particularly the 9+1 suggestions regarding starting with Self.

Steve, this book is exciting and well written. I am certain it will be a hit with the new generations of leaders.

Let me finish by sharing a quick note for those sales letters you will write:

Steve Hobbs’ presentation of the 9 educating approaches helpful for leading and managing stimulates the mind and will evoke a level of confidence in the minds of young, emergent leaders. It’s a win-win approach for both the educators and their learners!

Dr. Deepak Ekbote
B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D. M.B.A.
Canadian Transportation Company

Thank you for sending us copies of your new book Help them HelpYou to Manage-Lead. I have read the book and find it to be very appropriate to this context. This book, developed as a workbook, encourages managers and leaders to reflect on and adapt their own educating practices. I especially like the ministrel figure and related diagram that links the concepts together. Though the educating approaches are easy to understand, they can be difficult to practice especially here in an developing-country setting where the Government bureaucracy has many dimensions, and individuals may get limited educating support from their supervisors. Please send us 120 copies of this book so that I can share them with senior Government of Ethiopia leaders and managers. Many thanks.

Sacha Innes
Capacity Development Officer, Ethiopia

Stephen Hobbs has created a concise, thoughtful and practical handbook that is equally essential reading for the most seasoned manager-leader and for the manager-leader who is starting her/his career.  Hobbs crystallizes the 9 educating approaches that will support you to be the best manager-leader for those you serve.  His provocative exercises and worksheets cause you to be more reflective and conscious about your way of managing-leading, to apply the educating approaches to your current situations, and to anchor your knowledge by recording what you’ve learned about yourself, your team, your organization and your project along the way.  This book will not sit on your shelf – you will want it on your desk as a ready resource for effectively engaging the minds, hearts and hands of your people. This book is a eminently practical action map, identifying the best educating approaches to take along your career journey.

Anita L. Sanchez, PhD,
International consultant, trainer, and coach
Boulder, Colorado US

Foreword to the Book

Book TestimonialsEducating ourselves and those we lead is essential for remaining relevant in our ever changing world. I witnessed this first-hand while spending a year interviewing leaders and managers of highly-successful businesses. Those who weathered the storms of economic uncertainty and thrived had an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning. Attracting and retaining quality talent doesn’t happen by accident, but by design. Maintaining strong bonds with those you serve depends on it, as what happens on the inside of a company eventually shows up on the outside.

In Help Them Help YOU Manage-Lead, Stephen Hobbs zeros in on nine approaches to engage, retain, develop people, and improve their performance, while drawing out a genuine sense of fulfillment. Leaders are learners, which is probably what inspired you to pick up this book. In reading, you’ll discover that Stephen offers more than quality content. He designed the book to bring YOU into it, making it your own personal guide to powerfully knowing which educating approach to use in any given situation.

I’ll keep this book on hand and reference it often, as I’m sure you will too. It will expand your awareness, ability to listen, discern, and respond consciously in a way that activates the potential within and grows inspired future leaders.

Marilyn Suttle,
bestselling author of
Who’s Your Gladys: How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan


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