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WELLth Movement guides YOU – established entrepreneurs and/or executives – to deliver extraordinary experiences in words of your customers and employees.

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At the same time, we encourage you to create well-living workplaces where you and your employees enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy with involvement of your customers.

We are your Guide on the Ride.
We guide you to recognize and appreciate your lived experience.

life leadership legacy mentorAlso we assist you to manage and lead your extraordinary experiences via our People Navigation Experience … we bring our tools and techniques to engage, recognize and support active and heartfelt employee and customer involvement via

  • Workplace culture
  • Mentoring, coaching and facilitating
  • Engagement and recognition
  • Groups and teams
  • Ethical decision-making through listening and sharing
  • And so much more …

Origin of the WELLth Movement 

Personal Perspective of Stephen Hobbs, EdD
CEO (Chief Experience Officer) of WELLth Movement.

life leadership legacy mentorThis movement was borne of my 3-minute mentor connection on a road in Uganda, Eastern Africa in 1987. (See below for the Three Minute Mentor Story!)

After this life-altering connection plus many different employment experiences during the years that followed, I committed to focus on co-creating the well-living world™:

A world for all to live and flourish with freedom, fulfillment and fun. 

With this commitment in heart and mind, I decided to guide people to create well-living workplaces and live their great lives as ways to co-create the well-living world.

The tools and techniques, and concepts and practices to do so have morphed over the years through writing books and articles, speaking to small and large groups, online and face-to-face workshops, and facilitative mentoring. I realize I’ve scratched the surface of what’s possible. 

My lived experience has resulted from working on six of seven continents as a

  • CEO and senior manager in business and charitable sectors
  • white water rafting guide for 22 summers
  • wilderness remote first aid instructor trainer for 25 years
  • college and university professor for 15 years
  • outdoor recreation officer in the outback of Western Australia
  • air operations coordinator for the relief operation in South Sudan
  • and so, so much more …
  • (Oh yes, the last continent to visit is Antarctica in 2017/2018; ask me how I’ll claim I’ve worked on this continent – awesome story))smiles

Three Minute Mentor Story

Written by Stephen Hobbs
CEO of WELLth Movement

life leadership legacy mentorWELLth Movement was borne of a 3-minute mentoring connection on a road in Uganda, Eastern Africa in 1987. Moving between work locations, roadblocks were a common occurrence.

“At one, a soldier walked to the door, sticking a machine gun in the window. For 3 minutes answering questions, an array of thoughts whipped through my mind. Even with the apparent wiggling of the weapon in the front of my face, patience, flexibility and discretion remained forefront in my responses via my driver.

With a guttural “move on”, we left. I asked my driver, how old was the soldier? He said she was about 14 years old. 
Yes – my three-minute mentor was a 14 year old – now women – soldier who had difficulty holding the heavy weapon in her hands. She had to hold face among her fellow soldiers sitting and laughing near by. Therefore, she had to stay present to ensure proper questioning all while holding the machine gun. 
I appreciate her and what she was living.

As I drove away, looking through the side mirror, I swore my work focus would escalate to co-creating the well-living world – a place for all to live and flourish.  Where people have more options in living their great lives than to point a machine gun at someone.“

From this experience, along with quiet reflection and innumerable conversations with family, friends, workshop participants, business associates and strangers at airports, two words started blinking at me like a neon sign welcoming me to the diner. Those words were wealth and wellth.


I have a passion for words. Not in the sense of Scrabble. Albeit an occasional game is fun.

More in the sense of looking at words to find the meaning within each word and/or its multiple uses.

For example … move the “c” from within “reaction” to the front of the word. You have “creation”!
When you are in reaction you are “in” it. You see (c) as you experience it.
When you are in “creation” you are “on” it. You see (c) it before you experience it.
And therefore, reaction and creation are two ways to be in this world.
Neither is right or wrong. They are explanations and descriptions of what is.

life leadership legacy mentorI then analyzed the world “wealth” and its sounds. I came to the insight that the sound of an “a” is related to such words as assets, accounts, affluence and accumulation.

An idea came to mind and a new wor(l)d was born: Wellth. The sound of an “l” is related with life, laughter, live, lead, listen and legacy.

Based on my Ugandan experience coupled with my fun with words, I discovered the importance of Your Word for the World. My new awareness catapulted me to image and organize a whole new approach to serving the world. That is, for the well-living world to evolve the words wealth and wellth (and their associated actions) must be experienced as complementary. In other words, to have one is to have the other.

Therefore your word for the world frames two aspects of your life. The word itself leans into your wealth to wellth story just as speaking and acting your word into the world leans into your wellth and wealth story.

Wellth integrates wise practices of living and inspired standards of life. As these actions are undertaken and completed people are mindful of the associated wealth creation for giving.

Within this wellthy-wealthy story is the importance of legacy as an executive, entrepreneur, manager-leader and as an elder.

Legacy is for giving. Legacy is in you to share!

Make it a wellthy day …


From a Place of Truth, Trust and Transparency

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