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You Self Identify as an Entrepreneur - Executive - Educator ...   

and you want to:
Get Clear - Get Perspective -
Get Support to

... fully express your life and business legacy with fun and freedom!

... co-create a place of work where people live and work well together.

... guide others to achieve greatness through your facilitating and mentoring!

... design and realize extraordinary experiences for you and with others.

... map the steps for living your great and magnificant life!

life mentoring workplace legacy

... then WE 'wellcome' YOU to the
Wellth [Wealth] Movement! 

Experience a collaborative movement blending wellth creation (e.g., well-being/well-living) and wealth creation (e.g., assets, freedom day).

"You work in the fields of Wellness-Health, Ecology-Environment or Professional Services."

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You're asking deep, resonant questions about life, mentoring and legacy. The kind of questions that keep you up at night.

And you feel unfulfilled, and possibly alone. Fun days are far and few between. Those promised freedom days seem like a pipe dream.

Workplace challenges are mounting with some gnawing at your ankles. Your workplace is not living up to its potential. You feel tethered to the weight of it.

You know in your heart there is more to gift the world. There is more you can share. And you seek ways to fully express your appreciation and gratitude.

Your realize these unanswered questions and tests of your abilities are like storms that blow in, stay awhile and slow your progress.

The good news is that if you’ve weathered the storms, you’re doing better than many.  The bad news is that the storms have been stacking and today is the calm before the perfect storm.

Now is the time to create extraordinary life mentoring workplace legacy experiences of your design and realization.

The type of Extraordinary Experiences you invite family and friends and/or work colleagues to join you as you educate them about the extraordinary experience possibilities they can create.  

And so … don’t delay … because storms don’t wait for you to be ready for them.

life business legacy

life business legacy
life business legacy

life business legacy

Join “Your Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Architect” as you weave together your purposeful life, facilitative mentoring, extraordinary experiences, well-living workplace and legacy contributions YOU action and share with others.

As You Move Along Your Journey
Making Decisions, 
It’s Important YOU:

Get Clear!
Get Perspective!
Get Support!

And to get your clarity, perspective and support, it's useful to invite a mentor - coach - guide to keep you on track and answer questions based from lived experience.

I am one of those trusted guides to accompany your journey. Given a middle name linked to work - rather than what my parents gave me - mine would be "Patience, Flexibility and Discretion."

These characteristics were nurtured through the extraordinary experiences I lived/live as a facilitative mentor, CEO, university adjunct professor, white water rafting trip leader, master instructor trainer for wilderness remote first aid, speaker and author while working on 6 continents. 

use mentoring stephen hobbs

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Albeit a brief introduction ...

I know "Life Mentoring Workplace Legacy" are important experience-based elements for living with freedom and enjoyment. To some extent you are expressing them each day already. They keep you moving forward.

And yet - you seek ways to improve and expand your life experiences, evolve your business and fulfil your philanthropic contributions.

Alas ... "things" are getting in the way and you sense a trusted guide can can help you answer questions like So what? Now what? What else?

And so ... Consider the following Life, Mentoring, Workplace, Legacy Situations
[~] So You Can [~] Experience the outcomes suggested and so much more:

For life ... you want to get clarity of next steps ... taken vacations and breaks ... pull back the curtains to see the beauty that surrounds you ... quiet the monkey mind ... deal with the distress ... 

So You Can 

Experience being you FOR the world rather than being you in the world ... advance your professional career and/or create a business to fulfil a yearning you have about being your own boss!

For mentoring ... you see the potential of who is involved with you, yet they're stalled ... you feel your alone to bust through obstacles its tiring ... is it worth involving others? ... things keep moving quickly, what path to take next ... 

So You Can 

Experience work flow that has everyone doing their best work ... where & when customers are thanking you for fulfilling your commitments re: quality of your delivery & product / service ... more so, all remain present to serve! 

For workplace ... you witness how employees are overwhelmed, tired, absent and complaining ... the same is said about the customers ... and yet, you know many want to improve and focus on doing a great job, they need some mojo ...

So You Can 

Experience employe and customer involvement and engagement in a workplace culture considered proactive ... where everyone enjoys what they do and they celebrate their interactions each and every day!

For legacy ... while life and business march on, what am I leaving for others to see and feel? ... what contributions am I making to my community to make it better? ... what am I leaving for those I love? ... 

So You Can 

Experience the satisfaction and feel the importance of your time & money contributions so others live their great lives ... feel the happiness of gifting your lived experiences so others can learn from you!   

Let's Start Your Journey. Participate in extraordinary experiences of your design. Weave together and express your life legacy experiences filled with mentoring and workplace adventures as you contribute your best for the world.

Join the Wellth [Wealth] Movement!

Still not convinced ... then consider:

If you’re struggling with life questions, mentoring challenges, workplace hiccups and legacy confusion, then invite us to talk with you.

We can serve as a consultant, instructive-coach and/or facilitative-mentor to get you on track with minimal delay.

Often its another set of eyes and ears to see, hear and feel other ways forward that opens up more possibilities and/or identifies the blocks.

We know our extraordinary experiences approach will guide your way forward in your words, on your terms. We are your guide on the ride. And every entrepreneur, executive and educator needs a guide to navigate new terrain and/or suggest new tools & techniques for existing terrain. 

Our commitment is to your success in ways that honour what you've achieved already ... and yet, when the truth is required - we share our insights that may challenge your thinking and actions. More so, we share insights to answer life questions, improve your business agility and get you moving ahead faster, efficiently and affordably.

Comments from Wellth [Wealth] Travellers 

Dr. Stephen Hobbs has helped me to articulate my business vision in much greater detail than I was able to initially explain. His attention to the meaning behind words is profound, as he is able to create a deep richness through making subtle changes to words and sentence structure. This richness added depth and value to my existing content. Steve told me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear, in a supportive and encouraging way. Steve taught me how to build a stronger foundation for my course platform, to deeply enrich the quality of the content provided, along with a tangible strategy for how to execute an implementation plan using a mentoring approach. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to increase the value of their existing course content or for anyone starting out and needing a solid structure to base their material on.

Shawna Curry
Jack Riley

Although Dr. Hobbs’ work has a very scientific edge in its proof, he is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork. I would recommend getting excited over the belief that there are immense possibilities for you and that Stephen can help you stitch them into your future reality.

Having a one hour meeting with Stephen was well worth my time. He was able to look at what I wanted to do and found an easier way for me to generate an immediate fast cash system that I had totally missed. I have had this same conversation with quite a few other people and no one saw the opportunity that Stephen presented. Thank you Stephen for being able to look at my situation from a different prospective and give me the starting point that will hit my project out of the ball park.

Lorraine Clifford

We have many tools/techniques
we’ll share with you that you can 
use over and over again to …

move forward with confidence as you weave
together your life, mentoring, workplace, and legacy decisions;

fulfill your commitments as you add
value to the lives of others;

live your great life, create your well-living workplace
and co-create the well-living world so you can enjoy
your Freedom Days with family & friends;

And enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!

Here’s a question …

What would it mean to YOU personally and professionally to design and realize extraordinary Life Mentoring Workplace Legacy experiences during #YourNextFifty?

What’s the impact on you?
What’s the impact on your family & friends?

What’s the impact on how you mange and lead?
What’s the impact on your workplace development?
What will your employees say about your life and the workplace?

What would your customers say about your life and the business?
What would your family, friends and community say about your legacy contributions?

Join with Your Extraordinary Experiences Architect
to make it happen – starting today!

When I met Dr. Stephen Hobbs, I had always thought about writing a book, but no idea what to write about, how to do it, or even where to start. He mentioned that he could pull a book out of what was in my head. We sat down in about one hour time not only did I have an outline for a 10-chapter book, I have an outline for multiple books, e-books, online course, workshops, and much more than I thought was possible. Together we created a vision for me and my business that I did not think was possible.

Amanda Howden
Laura Malone

My mentoring, coaching and facilitating session with Steve rejuvenated me. Steve pulled things out of me that I didn’t even know were there. I started with absolutely no clue about what my life purpose could be, and actually laughed at the idea when he asked me. By the end of our session, I felt I had discovered my purpose. I learned how I could fulfill my dream of travelling, and also use it to create a business. Steve’s method-approach is simple and efficient, and surprisingly fun!

To be sure, when you invite me - us
to join you ... You:

Get Clear!
Get Perspective!
Get Support!

Grab a FREE 25-Minute Call to
explore your ideas & ways to move
with freedom, fun and fulfillment.

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We’ll simply organize our conversation.

Listed below are access points to more information on designing and realizing Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) for Life, Mentoring, Workplace and Legacy along with the Events and Resources we make available for you to experience a life well-lived, mentoring well-shared, a workplace well-led, and a legacy well-gifted.  

Extraordinary "Life Mentoring
Workplace Legacy" Experiences

Your Life EX2

In living your extraordinary life … it’s important to value your life decisions as you answer the questions that encourage your steps forward as you experience the adventures of your extraordinariness … 

Your Mentoring Workplace EX2

In creating your extraordinary workplace it’s important you use mentoring to support your vision, systems and people decisions as you design and deliver extraordinary experiences that feed your soul … 

EX2 Wellth [Wealth] Movement 

Your contributions to co-creating an extraordinary world are born of your wellth and wealth decisions and the legacy you gift to others so they can learn something from your lived experience today … 



Free and paid webinars are available on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis covering all topics related to Life Mentoring Workplace Legacy including updates from those making it happen … 


A variety of in-person workshops are available for those who prefer face-to-face connections. Two, three and multi-day formats are available – delivered in great learning environments … 


Each year retreats and gatherings are organized to provide opportunities for people to refresh, recreate and reinvent themselves and their work. Locations vary as do the pre-post activities … 


Book Store

A selection of books are available for purchase. Books are authored by Dr. Stephen Hobbs and/or WELLthers (colleagues of WELLth Movement). Delivery: Amazon, SmashWords and others … 

Online Courses

Online courses covering related topics are available for purchase. Most are 7 or 21 modules with handouts and bonuses. Excerpts from workshops & gatherings also are available a reasonable price points … 


Free videos, video interviews & podcasts of various lengths are available for download and/or watching/listening from the website. Other material is available via WELLthers’ websites & sites like YouTube …   

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