We’re not reminding you of your age.
We’re enthusing you about your Next Fifty legacy.
Your Legacy as a Grandparent – An Elder in Your Community.
Legacy! It’s in you to share.

So you are in your Next Fifty. You are exploring Now What? What Else? And you want to live life on your terms. You want to contribute something to your community, to the world and you want to include your grandchildren.

It’s not just a want though ... you are compelled to include your grandchildren. You have time now that you didn't have as a parent. Your children are just as busy as you were (if not more) and so you are in the fortunate position to do great things with your grandchildren.

You love how, as a generation, they are environmentally conscious. They see through a different set of lenses the beauty and hurt that surrounds them. You notice, how they are challenging the status quo. They are demanding business/life balance in a positive way.

You know you can help your grandchildren while leaving a legacy — your legacy — by tapping into your combined eco-consciousness. You will guide them and you will learn from them.



For You: Your Life Legacy

… to live your great life is a mix of taking action, giving back, staying active, and remaining healthy. You want to fully express your Next Fifty to experience the freedom and fun promised so many years ago. Currently, the path you see is blocked by rocks and fallen trees, bramble bushes and overgrown vines. There is another pathway. One you design. A life where you fully express your life legacy. You create a pathway where you are clear about your purpose, power and process. A pathway you’re willing to share with your grandchildren and community.

About life legacy

With Your Grandkids: Your Leadership Legacy

… to share your leadership legacy is an amazing way to create experiences with your grandkids and other young people. You serve as a guide on their ride. As you learn, listen and laugh you inspire them to see and feel important leadership qualities. You seed the values and memories they can follow and remember as they make life decisions. Through your leadership you prepare them to live their great lives by taking action, giving back, staying active and remaining healthy.

About leadership legacy

WELLthers: Your Movement

… you’re not alone. There are thousands in all places of the world, from all walks of life reaching out to connect through the WELLth Movement. Join them as a WELLther. Raise the eco-consciousness of the planet one eco-experience at a time. Live your life legacy. Share your leadership legacy. Contribute your literacy legacy.

About WELLthers

Legacy is for giving. Legacy, t’s in you to share!


Leadership Legacy Actions in Your Workplace

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Next Fifty Events November and December 2015

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Next Fifty Life Legacy

Next Fifty November Reflections 4, 5 and 6

Next Fifty Decisions and November Reflections I made a decision early on … I was going to enjoy my Next Fifty. I continue with the November 2015 Reflections. They add to your life as a Next Fifty Adventurer. Click to enlarge the picture....
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